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Kay Hagan Refuses To Run On Her Failed Record

Raleigh, NC – The Kay Hagan campaign’s frantic attempts to spin last night’s U.S. Senate Republican debate reveals the obvious: Hagan doesn’t have a record she can run on.

Another case in point: the first paid media advertisement of Hagan’s re-election campaign wasn’t a warm and fuzzy bio spot to tout her accomplishments in the U.S. Senate. It was a desperate and factually false attack against a Republican challenger.

It’s quite a shift from Hagan’s initial pronouncement that she wanted to run on her record.

 “‘I want to run on my record,’ Hagan said. ‘I think my record speaks volumes.’”  (Rob Christensen, “Hagan feels good about ’14, would invite Obama to campaign,” Raleigh News & Observer, 8/23/13)

Hagan was correct to say her record speaks volumes. That’s why she is desperately trying to hide it from North Carolinians.

Strike One: Hagan Is A Rubber Stamp For President Obama’s Failed Liberal Agenda.

Kay Hagan voted with President Obama 96 percent of the time in both 2012 and 2013 according to Congressional Quarterly.

Strike Two: Hagan Cast The Deciding Vote For Obamacare And Would Do It Again.

Recently, Hagan doubled-down on her support for the failed healthcare law, saying despite the millions of cancellations, cuts to Medicare, and burdensome mandates, she would still vote for it again.

“But when pressed about whether she would back the health care law if she had another chance, Hagan said: ‘Yeah, I would vote for it again.’”  (Manu Raju, “North Carolina’s choice,” Politico, 12/12/13)

Strike Three: Hagan Has Major Issues With Trust And Accountability Issues.

When selling Obamacare to constituents, Hagan promised that “if you like your plan, you keep it” at least 24 times.

However, 470,000 North Carolinians received cancellation notices, and many will be faced to pay significantly higher premiums. PolitiFact named Hagan’s broken promise as its “Lie of the Year” for 2013.

To this day, Hagan has refused to apologize for lying to North Carolinians.

“State Republicans say Senator Hagan should be held accountable for promises she made about the Affordable Care Act…Tonight, she is issuing no apologies.”  (WTVD, 11/8/13)

Sorry Kay Hagan, You’re No Moderate

Raleigh, NC – Kay Hagan is once again attempting to dupe North Carolinians and rewrite her failed record, this time by portraying herself as a middle-of-the-road moderate.

  • “‘When you look at me as being moderate, that’s being somebody who understands what the issues are (and) working to get action done in specifics on those issues,’ Hagan said in a recent interview, adding that she’s been telling supporters about ‘the common-sense results that I’ve been able to put forward for North Carolina families.’”  (Gary Robertson, Associated Press, 4/19/14)

The inconvenient truth for Hagan is that she is a liberal by any definition, even in an ultra-polarized Congress.

Hagan voted with President Obama’s failed liberal agenda 96 percent of the time in 2012 and 2013 according to Congressional Quarterly.

To put Hagan’s record in context, remember that Hagan attacked Senator Elizabeth Dole for voting with President Bush 92 percent of the time. Hagan said Dole’s voting record wasn’t “representing the interests” of North Carolinians.

  •  “And Elizabeth Dole votes with President Bush 92 percent of the time. I will guarantee you are not representing the interests if you are voting straight-party like that with Bush all the time. That is not what North Carolinians want.” (Kay Hagan, 5/12/08)

“Tanking in the polls and getting more desperate by the day, Kay Hagan is now attempting to dupe North Carolinians into believing she’s a moderate,” said North Carolina Republican Party Communications Director Daniel Keylin. “Unfortunately for Hagan, voters are going to take a close look at her abysmal record, which shows she has voted for President Obama’s liberal 96 percent of the time, cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, and put liberal special interests ahead of North Carolina.”


Does A Moderate Unapologetically Support Obamacare?

Hagan Cast The Deciding Vote For Obamacare.  (H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #396, Adopted 60-39: R 0-39; D 60-0, 12/24/09, Hagan Voted Yea)

Hagan Has Doubled-Down On Her Support For Obamacare, Saying She Would Vote For It Again. “But when pressed about whether she would back the health care law if she had another chance, Hagan said: ‘Yeah, I would vote for it again.’”  (Manu Raju, “North Carolina’s choice,” Politico, 12/12/13)

Hagan Falsely Promised That “You Can Keep Your Plan If You Like It” At Least 24 Times. (Full List)

Hagan Has Refused To Apologize For Lying To North Carolinians.  “State Republicans say Senator Hagan should be held accountable for promises she made about the Affordable Care Act…Tonight, she is issuing no apologies.”  (WTVD, 11/8/13)

Does A Moderate Have An Anti-Second Amendment Record?

Hagan Has “F” Ratings From The National Rifle Association And Gun Owners Of America. (Aaron Blake, “Where the Senate stands on guns — in one chart,” Washington Post, 12/17/12

Anti-Second Amendment Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Is The Biggest Donor To Senate Majority PAC, Which Has Already Spent Nearly $4 Million To Prop Up Hagan’s Campaign. “Senate Majority PAC, the Democratic super PAC focused on Senate elections, raised more than $4.7 million from donors in the last half of 2013, according to a report filed on Friday. The largest contribution came from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who gave $2.5 million to the group in July.”  (Paul Blumenthal, “Senate Democratic Super PAC Raises Big Bucks To Defend Majority,” Huffington Post, 1/31/14)

Does A Moderate Support Big Unions Over Workers?

Hagan Supports Check Card Legislation, Which Eliminates The Secret Ballot For Rank And File Union Members.  HAGAN: “I know that one piece of legislation that is important to each and everyone of you is the Employee Free Choice Act. And it looks like the bill as it is currently written…is not gonna come up for a vote this session. But I’m looking forward to seeing a bill that passes that levels the playing field for workers and ensures that unions can get contracts with their employers.  (Kay Hagan, AFL-CIO Convention, 9/11/09) 

Hagan Voted Along Party Lines To Uphold NRLB Regulations Allowing Ambush Union Elections.  (S.J. Res. 36, Roll Call Vote #36, Rejected 45-54: R 45-1; D 53-0, 4/24/12, Hagan Voted Nay)

Hagan Voted To Kill An Amendment To Extend “Right To Work” To Workers Nationwide. (S.Amdt. 31 To S. 1818, Roll Call Vote #11, Tabled 66-31: R 9-31; D 57-0, 1/22/09, Hagan Voted Yea)

Hagan Voted Against Allowing Companies To Award Merit Raises Or Bonuses To Unionized Employees.  (S.Amdt. 2166 To S.3240, Roll Call Vote #163, Rejected 45-54: R 45-1; D 0-53, 6/21/12, Hagan Voted Nay)

Hagan Has Proudly Touted Receiving The Endorsement Of The AFL-CIO.  HAGAN: “I Am Honored To Receive The Support Of AFL-CIO And Of Working Families Across North Carolina.” (Press Release, “North Carolina AFL-CIO Endorses Kay Hagan,” Kay Hagan For U.S. Senate, 3/20/14)

Does A Moderate Vote To Cut Medicare To Pay For Obamacare? 

Hagan Voted To Cut Medicare Advantage By $200 Billion Over 10 Years To Pay For Obamacare. “ObamaCare enacted $200 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage over 10 years…”  (Russell Berman, “GOP hits Obama on Medicare Advantage,” The Hill, 2/13/14)

Because Of Those Cuts, Seniors Who Rely On Medicare Advantage Are Already Losing Their Plans And Their Doctors. “Benefits experts say patients are seeing fewer plan choices this year, and more are losing doctors from their insurance coverage networks.” (Tom Murphy, “4 keys to scrutinizing Medicare Advantage cuts,” Associated Press, 11/15/13)

Does A Moderate Support Partial Birth Abortion?

Hagan Supports Partial Birth Abortion And Recently Refused To Support The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  “U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan on Tuesday made it clear that she would not vote for a bill that would ban abortions beginning at 20 weeks.” (Renee Schoof, “Hagan will not vote for anti-abortion bill,” Raleigh News & Observer, 11/19/13)

Hagan Has A 0 Percent Rating From The National Right To The Life.  (2013 Positions, “Rating Group: National Right to Life Committee, Vote Smart, 1/14/14)

Planned Parenthood Is Supporting Hagan’s Re-Election Campaign.

“Planned Parenthood’s Dawn Laguens said North Carolina is a ‘top priority’ for the group, and they want to use a playbook similar to their successful campaign to target Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governors race.”  (Anna Palmer, “Ground game up for grabs in battleground race,” Politico, 3/21/14)

Does A Moderate Support Cap And Trade And Oppose Offshore Drilling? 

Hagan Is On Record In Support Of A Cap And Trade Tax Bill.  “The bill, known as the Climate Security Act, includes provisions for a variety of special interests, from job-training funds for renewable energy workers to funding for green buildings. At its heart, though, the bill is a basic cap-and-trade system for energy companies that emit greenhouse gases… state Sen. Kay Hagan of Greensboro, supports the bill, which her spokeswoman said fit Hagan’s energy plan offered this spring.” (Barbara Barrett, “Climate Bill Has Unlikely Ally,” Charlotte Observer, 6/6/08) 

Hagan Voted Against A Bill That Would Expand And Speed Up Offshore Drilling In 2011.  “The Senate on Wednesday rejected Republican-backed legislation intended to speed up and expand offshore oil and gas drilling. In a 42-57 vote, the Senate failed to move forward with the bill, which was opposed by the White House and most Senate Democrats. Republicans needed 60 votes for the measure to proceed.”  (Ben Geman, “Senate rejects GOP bill to expand, speed up offshore drilling,” The Hill, 5/18/11) 

Hagan Voted Against Expanding Offshore Drilling In 2012.  “An amendment from Vitter to expand offshore drilling into new waters — including areas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans — failed on a 46-52 party-line vote.”  (Puneet Kollipara, “U.S. Senate rejects oil pipeline, expanded offshore drilling,” Houston Chronicle, 3/9/12)

Left Wing Environmental Groups Have Already Spent $1.6 Million In Television Ads To Boost Hagan’s Campaign.  “They were purchased by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, the Environmental Defense Fund and the League of Conservation Voters. Total spending by the three groups was about $1.6 million.”  (Renee Schoof, “North Carolina Senate race a magnet for money and ads,” McClatchy, 4/6/14)

NCGOP Statement On Tax Day

Raleigh, NC – North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Claude Pope issued the following statement on Tax Day:

“Tax Day is another reminder to North Carolinians that the contrast between the tax and spend failures of Washington and the tax relief successes of Raleigh could not be any starker.

“Governor McCrory and Republican leaders in the General Assembly passed bold, comprehensive tax reform that included across-the-board tax rate cuts for North Carolinians.  It also provides much-needed tax relief for our job creators, which will continue the tremendous momentum of the Carolina Comeback.   

“In Washington, Kay Hagan has been a rubber stamp for President Obama’s liberal tax and spend agenda, voting to raise taxes on hardworking middle-class families and small businesses. Kay Hagan has been a poor steward of North Carolinians’ hard-earned tax dollars, writing blank check after blank check to President Obama, plunging us $7 trillion deeper into debt in the process.”  


Update: Kay Hagan Is Still A Hypocrite

Raleigh, NC – In a rare interview with the media, the Charlotte Observer reports that Kay Hagan framed the U.S. Senate race as “a contrast between out-of-state special interests and North Carolina interests.”

  • “Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan on Saturday framed her re-election campaign as a contrast between out-of-state special interests and North Carolina interests.”  (Jim Morrill, “Sen. Kay Hagan casts her race as contrasting with out-of-state special interests,” Charlotte Observer, 4/13/14)

Hagan seems to be incredibly confused about which side she represents. She is bought and paid for by out-of-state liberal special interest groups and lobbyists.

  • Harry Reid’s super PAC, Senate Majority PAC, has spent over $2.4 million to prop up Hagan’s flailing campaign and falsely attack her Republican opponents.
  • “Dark money” super PAC Patriot Majority USA has spent nearly $1 million on behalf of Hagan.
  • Liberal special interest group Emily’s List has donated over $404,000 to Hagan’s campaign and recently formed a super PAC to boost her re-election.
  • Hagan has raised at least $231,000 from lobbyists for her re-election campaign.
  • Far-left environmental groups have already spent $1 million on television ads for Hagan as a thank-you for her support for a cap and trade tax and her votes against expanding offshore drilling.
  • Big labor unions like the AFL-CIO and pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood are mobilizing get-out-the-vote efforts to keep Hagan’s vote in the Senate.

By Hagan’s own standard, she has failed to represent North Carolina.

Hagan voted with President Obama 96 percent of the time in 2012 and 2013, according to Congressional Quarterly.

But during her 2008 Senate campaign, Hagan routinely attacked Senator Elizabeth Dole for voting with President Bush 92 percent of the time.

Hagan said that kind of record demonstrated the Senator wasn’t representing the “interests” of North Carolinians.

  • HAGAN: “And Elizabeth Dole votes with President Bush 92 percent of the time. I will guarantee you are not representing the interests if you are voting straight-party like that with Bush all the time. That is not what North Carolinians want.” (Kay Hagan, 5/12/08)

“Kay Hagan’s shameless hypocrisy and double standards never cease to amaze,” said North Carolina Republican Party spokesman Daniel Keylin. “Hagan seems to forget that she voted for Obama’s failed agenda 96 percent of the time and is bought and paid for by liberal special interest groups. Harry Reid, big labor unions, and other left-wing groups are spending millions of dollars on her behalf because they know she’ll continue to do their bidding if she’s re-elected.” 

Hagan Endorses Far-Left Moral Monday Activist For State Senate

Raleigh, NC – Doubling-down on her approval of the Rev. William Barber’s de-facto leadership of the N.C. Democratic Party, Kay Hagan has endorsed Moral Monday Democrat Terry Van Duyn for State Senate. Hagan attended a Van Duyn campaign event in Asheville on Friday.

  • “Hagan on Friday night planned to attend a party at state Sen.-elect Terry Van Duyn’s home…’I’m very excited for Terry and I look forward to seeing her tonight,’ Hagan said.”  (Jon Ostendorff, “Hagan backs Obamacare in Asheville,” Asheville Citizen-Times, 4/4/14)

Hagan is making a statement by endorsing Van Duyn, a far-left activist who has spoken at Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday Democratic Party rallies. Van Duyn was even arrested at a “Moral Monday” rally last June.

  • “Van Duyn is a well-known fundraiser, volunteer and activist who was among those arrested in Raleigh during a June Moral Mondays protest last year. She also participated in the recent Moral March on Raleigh.”  (Jon Ostendorff, “Van Duyn wins Nesbitt seat,” Asheville Citizen-Times, 4/3/14)

The endorsement of Van Duyn may be a personal thank-you to William Barber and his political activists who have been doing everything they can to re-elect Hagan. Barber’s Democrat political activists are working directly with big labor unions to turn-out the vote for Hagan in November.

  • “Last week, the AFL-CIO held its first “Common Sense Economics” training at a Teamsters hall just a few miles from the Raleigh airport, bringing together roughly 40 people from across the state involved in the southern workers movement. Sitting in a large circle, activists from groups like the N.C. NAACP, MomsRising and others were led through a series of sessions on the best way to motivate others on economic issues.” (Anna Palmer, “Ground game up for grabs in battleground race,” Politico, 3/21/14)

“With her campaign flailing and desperate for any support she can muster, Kay Hagan is now aligning herself with Rev. William Barber and the far-left by endorsing fringe ‘Moral Monday’ Democrats,” said North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Todd Poole.

Video of Terry Van Duyn’s speech at a “Moral Monday” NCDP rally:


WNCT: Hagan’s Obamacare Causing Premiums To Skyrocket, Families Losing Their Doctors

Raleigh, NC – A new report from WNCT finds that Obamacare is driving up insurance costs for North Carolinians.

Kathleen Forrest, who still needs health insurance, questions the affordability of Obamacare.

  • “Almost everyone I’ve talked to, their insurance has gone up….If your insurance is going up $100 or $200 or $500 a month, what are they not getting? What are they not doing with their families?”  (WNCT, 4/3/14)

WNCT also notes that people are losing access to doctors under Obamacare:

  • “For others with insurance, they’re now being told they can’t see particular doctors.” (WNCT, 4/3/14)

Kay Hagan falsely promised North Carolina families that Obamacare would lower healthcare costs and they would have access to their doctors.

  • “With this reform bill, we have reduced health care costs for families, seniors and small businesses for the long term, and families will have access to family doctors. It prevents insurance companies from dropping coverage when people get sick or denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions.” (Senator Kay Hagan, “Hagan: Health Care Bill Will Benefit North Carolina Families, Seniors And Small Businesses,” Press Release, 3/25/10)

“With each passing day, it becomes more evident that Kay Hagan sold North Carolinians a bill of goods when she cast the deciding vote for Obamacare,” said North Carolina Republican Party spokesman Daniel Keylin. “North Carolinians are being burdened with skyrocketing premiums and are losing their doctors. And yet, despite the hardship Obamacare is causing for middle-class families, Kay Hagan say she’s still vote for Obamacare if she had to do it all over again.”


FLASHBACK: Hagan Asked The Obama Administration To Sue N.C. Over Voter I.D. Law

Raleigh, NC – Yesterday, the North Carolina State Board of Elections revealed the possibility of massive voter fraud and error in North Carolina.

The audit discovered that 765 North Carolina voters had exact matches of the names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of voters who voted in other states. The audit also found 35,750 voters in North Carolina whose names and dates of birth matched voters who voted in other states. Many states in the Interstate Crosscheck do not provide the last four digits of Social Security numbers.

Interstate voter fraud or “double-voting” is a felony.

The new data destroys the narrative being pushed by Kay Hagan, William Barber and other liberal Democrats who oppose North Carolina’s voter ID law.

Just last week, Hagan referred to voter ID as a “voter suppression” bill, channeling of Rev. William Barber Barber.

Hagan has also claimed that a letter she sent to Attorney General Eric Holder is what prompted the Obama administration to sue the state of North Carolina over the state’s voter ID law.

But Hagan hasn’t had much to say about North Carolina’s voter ID law following the data released yesterday by the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Neither has Hagan’s political ally Rev. William Barber, the de-facto leader of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Barber has even claimed that voter fraud is a “myth.”

  • “The good people of North Carolina are disgusted when they learn that the far-right created the myth of voter fraud.” (William Barber, Press Conference, 10/2/13)
Despite the outrageous rhetoric from Hagan and Barber, the reality is that North Carolina’s voter ID law restores the public’s confidence in our elections system by helping to prevent voter fraud.

North Carolina’s voter ID law requires voters to show a photo ID, improves the maintenance and accuracy of voter list rolls to prevent double-voting, offers free identification cards to voters, helps increase the number of poll watchers, makes it easier to vote by absentee ballot, and limits lobbyists’ ability to raise money for candidates.

“Kay Hagan asked the Obama administration to file a junk lawsuit against North Carolina’s voter ID law in a blatant effort to pander to her fringe liberal base,” said North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Todd Poole. “But now after data shows the potential of large scale voter fraud in North Carolina, Hagan suddenly doesn’t want to talk about her opposition to the state’s commonsense voter protection law.” 


NCGOP Statement On Evidence Of Massive Voter Fraud In North Carolina

 Audit Finds 35,750 People Potentially “Double-Voted” In N.C. And Another State In 2012

Raleigh, NC – Today, The North Carolina State Board of Elections revealed the results of an interstate audit which found 35,750 people potentially voted in both North Carolina and another state in 2012.

Only 28 states participated in the Interstate Crosscheck, meaning there is no data available for 22 other states, leaving out other potential cases of voter fraud.

Interstate voter fraud, or “double-voting” is a felony.

According to the report, the 35,750 figure is the number of “voters with the same first and last name and DOB were registered in N.C. and another state and voted in both states in the 2012 general election.”

To put that figure in perspective, the 2012 Lieutenant Governor’s race was decided by fewer than 7,000 votes.

In response to the evidence of potential massive voter fraud, North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Claude Pope today issued the following statement:

“The massive potential voter fraud in North Carolina revealed today represents a significant threat to the integrity of our elections process. It’s disturbing that liberal Democrats like William Barber, Kay Hagan, and Roy Cooper seemingly condone voter fraud by opposing efforts to require voters to show a photo ID. 

Governor McCrory, Senate Leader Berger, Speaker Tillis and Republicans in the General Assembly should be applauded for passing North Carolina’s commonsense voter ID law and working to protect the integrity of the ballot box.”


Does Kay Hagan Think Obamacare Is A Success?

Raleigh, NC – Yesterday, President Obama took a victory lap at the White House to celebrate Obamacare’s “success. ”

Other prominent Democratic leaders have similarly been touting Obamacare as a political “winner.”

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks Obamacare has been such a huge success that she couldn’t name a single thing she would change about the law:

  • “Democratic National Committee chairwoman  Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) is so impressed with Obamacare, she couldn’t think of any legislation Tuesday she would introduce to fix it. Nothing ‘glaring’ anyway, she told The Daily Rundown‘s Chuck Todd.”  (“DNC Chairwoman Can’t Think of Any Fixes She’d Make to Obamacare,” Washington Free Beacon, 4/1/14)

And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently declared that Obamacare would be a “winner” for Democrats in November:

  • “‘You have to ask them, the member, but I believe that it’s a winner,’ Pelosi said.”  (Arlette Saenz, “Nancy Pelosi Calls Obamacare ‘A Winner’ For Democrats in 2014,” ABC News, 3/20/14)

But oddly enough, Kay Hagan didn’t send out a statement from her campaign or Senate office yesterday to join President Obama in his victory lap.

It leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Does Hagan agree with President Obama that Obamacare is a success?

Does Hagan consider the five million Americans who received cancellation notices, including at least 473,000 North Carolinians, to be part of the Obamacare success story?

Does Hagan think that Obamacare is a “winner” when many employers in North Carolina, including public schools systems, are being forced to cut employee hours due to the law’s burdensome mandates?

And after Hagan voted to cut Medicare Advantage, does she consider the fact that seniors are now losing their plans and their doctors to be a signal that Obamacare is a success?

“Does Kay Hagan think Obamacare has been a huge success?” asked North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Todd Poole. “With many hardworking North Carolina families and small businesses being crushed under Obamacare’s skyrocketing premiums and burdensome mandates, voters deserve to know where Hagan stands.”

Fayetteville Observer: Should Roy Cooper Resign?

Raleigh, NC – The Fayetteville Observer editorial board is today questioning part-time Attorney General Roy Cooper’s ability to fulfill his elected duties at the same time he uses his office to campaign against the Governor.

Now, this is not the first time a North Carolina attorney general has laid the groundwork for a gubernatorial campaign. But it is the first time it’s happened since Republicans ruled the Raleigh roost. Partisanship of this kind is new. And it could be destructive.

The question is, can Democrat Cooper function effectively as attorney general in a government headed by a Republican governor while he’s also running a campaign to take that governor down?

And if he can’t, should he resign and devote himself full-time to the campaign?

We don’t know the answers yet, but we do see the questions looming larger and larger.

Cooper’s politicization of the Attorney General’s office is well documented.

Although Cooper has served as the state’s chief regulator and public advocate for the last 13 years, he politicized the recent coal ash spill by blaming Republicans, even using the spill to raise money to fill his campaign coffers.

  • “Attorney General and apparent gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper is jumping on the Dan River spill to blame Republicans for being lax on the environment.”  (Craig Jarvis, “Cooper calls on governor, legislature to restore environmental safeguards,” Raleigh News & Observer, 2/19/14)

And even though Cooper knew attacking North Carolina’s voter ID law would compromise his ability to defend the law in court, he attacked the law in an effort to gin-up support from his liberal base and recruit volunteers for his 2016 gubernatorial campaign.

  • “Though I’m appalled that the bill is now law, I am encouraged by your response. It is time to get involved. It is time to work for change. It is time to take a stand. Join me in the effort [Link To Campaign’s Volunteer Sign-Up Page].” (“Appalled,” Roy Cooper Campaign Email, 8/13/13).

Cooper’s blatant politicization of the Attorney General’s Office has been met with criticism from across the political spectrum, including Cooper’s former assistant attorney general.

  • “Kirk Randleman, a former assistant attorney general who served under Mr. Cooper for nine years, said he was surprised by Mr. Cooper’s outspoken comments on matters that could come before his office. ‘Cooper always insulated the staff from politics,’ Mr. Randleman said. ‘I have never known him to be so public about his personal views.’ Referring to Mr. Cooper’s predecessor, he said: ‘When Mike Easley was the attorney general, even before he ran for governor, I never knew him to make such public policy statements as Roy Cooper has.’”  (John Peragine, “North Carolina Prosecutor Takes Shots at the Laws He’s Obligated To Enforce, New York Times, 10/24/13).